[TransactionId] - from the transaction table. One transaction Id is assigned to one transaction e.g. every time you save a top level record or delete a top level record. 

[SysId]- This is the system id of the top level record e.g. constituent, gift, action, etc

[SysIdType]- This is the code that corresponds to the top level area. See the meta codes file. This is from RE API documentation. We do not use all of these codes by a long way but it gives you an idea.

[UserChangedId]- This is the id of the user in RE that made the change - see the RE Users table

[RecordType] - The plain text description corresponding to RecordTypeId (see later)

[FieldName] - The name of the field being changed

[OldValue] - the old value. This will be blank if the object is new

[NewValue] - the new value. If the object has been delete then this will be

[ImportId] - This is the import id of the object that was changed e.g. constituent, phone, constituent code, etc. Not all objects have an import id so this may be blank

[DateChanged] - The date that the change took place

[ConSysId]- This is the constituent system id that is related to the object. This will be the same as SysId for constituents but not for other types of top level objects e.g. gifts, actions, participants, etc

[ConstituentDescr] - This is a description of the constituent with the constituent id in brackets.

[fieldId] - This is the id of the field within the object's collection of fields

[RecordTypeId] This is the area code of records we are referring to (see attached file). it could refer to an address, phone, constituent, anything else really

[MetaData] - This is used to obtain a value for a specific field attached to the record. This is used with Audit Standards where we want to break down the records more than just by the field. e.g. for the phones area it gives the phone format e.g. email, phone, web, etc. For addresses it gives the address type, for gifts it gives the gift type. For a detailed breakdown see the meta codes attachment below.

[EventTypeId] - This is used to determine the type of action that took place; 1 - Addition, 2 - Update, 3 - Deletion and 4 - Import