Sometimes, when importing address, the data source will include a comma at the end of the Address line that you may not want in your database.

You can remove this unwanted comma from within Importacular via a RegEx Data Transformation, eliminating the need to do it directly from the source. 

We appreciate that RegEx Data Transformations sound quite daunting, but its really quite straight forward and we have written the RegEx for you. All you have to do is copy and paste it into Importacular.

Here are the steps:

1. In your template, within your Address Mapping, map the desired data source field to the appropriate field in your Raiser's Edge

2. Then, open up that field's settings and add a 'Data Transformation' by pressing the green plus button. A new row will appear with the Data Transformation section. 

3. In From Source, type in .* - this tells the system to look for any value in the mapped data field

4. In Change to Target, paste in  ^.+?(?=,$|$) - this tells the system to remove the comma

5. Set Match Type to 'Regex'

6. Set Replace Type to 'Regex'

7. Save the field setting.

Note: this will only remove the comma at the end of the Address Line. Commas within the Address Line will remain.