When working with Zeidman support, you will most likely be asked to send a copy of your Template and an anonymised sample of the data you are trying to import.  Both Template (an .xml file) and Sample Data are required as we need both parts to diagnose an issue.

We have made the process of anonymising your import data easier by including our 'Export and Anonymising Data' tool within Importacular. The tool works with any data source (including files you have uploaded) and it allows you to choose which fields to anonymise.  You can read about how to use the tool here or you can watch a video showing its functionality here.

This is our preferred method of exporting and anonymising your data as it prevents us from identifying who the data subject is while preserving as much of the data's integrity, allowing us to perform real-world tests. It's also easier to use than trying to anonymise a spreadsheet manually.

Note: You do not have to anonymise every field, just enough so that no one can work out who the original data subject is. Consider fields that contain names, addresses, emails, phone number and ID numbers

If you have used the tool successfully, you do not need to further alter or password protect the file before you send it to support. Any changes to the column headers, removal of rows or columns, or using the wrong Data Format to anonymise a Source Field Name could seriously hinder the diagnosis of your issue.