If you're working with one of our Data Sources (such as iSAMS, Classy, Mobilecause, etc.) that has a direct link via an API key or the use of your account credentials and need to send our support team an anonymized version of your data as a sample, you can do that using the Ignore function on the review screen and the Control Report.

On the Review Screen, you'll need to change the Action To Take to Ignore (in the screen below, these are currently set to Create and Update).

You may find it helpful to use the Filter function to change a group of these records at one time (You can see the green funnel in the screen shot below - this is located roughly in the center of the Review Screen).

Once you have the needed records set to Ignore for our support team, then you can validate in order to send those records to the Control Report.

Please open the Control Report and replace any sensitive data with a similarly formatted item, but please do not change any column headers (you can read about how to do that in this knowledgebase article).  If you do not use similarly formatted data, it can impact our ability to test the file particularly with regard to fields such as Post Codes, Phone Numbers and other fields that can cause errors due to incorrect formats.