The following fields are required for the object to be created. (This is irrespective of whether they are marked as required in the mapping.)


  • Notepads (gift, constituent, action, etc) - must have text in notes field
  • Attributes (all of them in general) - must have both a category and a value (description)


  • Constituent code - must have a constituent code value
  • solicit code - must have a solicit code value
  • constituent appeal - must have an appeal value
  • constituent credit card  - must have a credit card type
  • additional addressee and salutations - must have either salutation type and salutation text (when editable) or 

    type and salutation id (format)

  • constituent alias - must have both alias type and key name (or alias)

Phones (emails, links, etc) - must have both a  phone type, and a number (this includes email addresses, links and social media handles).


  • must have ALL three - fund, date, amount
  • Soft credits must have both a constituent and an amount


  • Participant - must have both event id and name
  • Participant fee - must have gift amount (although the area settings allow you to specify that you are adding a zero amount.) and reg fee unit (the name of the registration fee?)
  • Participant Benefit (also gift benefit, membership etc) - must have a benefit
  • Dinner pref - must have a dinner preference
  • Participant awards - must have award


  • Volunteer Availability - must have from date, to date
  • Volunteer Timesheet - must have date
  • Volunteer assignments - must have job 

Relationships (Education)

  • Education - must have School
  • Education Major - must have major value
  • Education Minor - must have minor value

Actions (from v4.5)

  • must have an action category and date