This may well occur with the error message title "Exception in RunLookupPatternsConstit" and would normally only be seen by self-hosted organisations or those hosted by companies other than Blackbaud.

Importacular, along with a number of our other products, performs direct database look ups. Normally it is able to determine the SQL Server user under which it would perform these lookups. When an organisation has Windows authentication and not RE authentication i.e. their user login is of the form "myOrgDomain\David" then the rights are taken from their Windows rights. This is normally enough to look things up in RE. However the user also has to have the rights to execute the ADDRESSLINE SQL Server function. This helps with splitting up of the address block into address lines and is use for finding constituents with a specific address line (as opposed to the whole address block).

If you are seeing this error then you may need to have this permission added to your SQL user account or the group that your SQL user account resides in. You may want to share this solution with your SQL database manager or IT staff.

You need to add the rights to the ADDRESSLINES function in the database. You can do this as follows (this is shown for our Audit Trail application but the same solution applies. Just find your user instead of ATPro):

Edit the database role or the user. Below I have the user but you could also edit the role in the same way.

Press the Search button and select as below:

Select Scalar functions:

Highlight the ADDRESSLINE function and select Grant on the Execute line below