In anticipation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), MailChimp updated their signup forms to help customers stay compliant with this law.

The challenge

However, whilst the MailChimp GDPR-friendly forms are an effective way to manage your GDPR consent within MailChimp, unfortunately, at present, there is no easy way to get your consent data out of MailChimp's GDPR-friendly forms into your Raiser's Edge - Chimpegration or no Chimpegration. The idea is that you manage consent entirely within MailChimp.

The solution

Whilst this may work for some customers, many prefer to manage their constituent consent information within Raiser's Edge, and many customers have been doing this successfully by using MailChimp Groups to set up interest preferences that reflect their different consent options.

The article below explains the process in full but in summary, MailChimp Groups allows you to collect consent preferences in the same way MailChimp's GDPR-friendly forms do. The difference however is that you can export data from MailChimp Groups and Chimpegration Classic helps you import or synchronise that data back into your Raiser's Edge consent module using the Manage Campaigns or Synchronise features.

Further reading

  • A full walkthrough of working with consent records can be found in this solution.
  • MailChimp's article about their GDPR-friendly forms can be found here.
  • More information about the Raiser's Edge consent module can be found here.

As soon as an API to MailChimp's GDPR-friendly forms become available, we will consider integrating this feature into the Chimpegration Classic plugin.