In RE 7.93 and below phones and emails are still connected to addresses so you are not able to import a phone or email unless you also have an address. If you want to import a phone onto the preferred address of a constituent then you need to link an address to the constituent and then link the phone to the address. 

Even if you do not have any address information you still need to create an address mapping to link to but you need to adjust a few settings in order to ensure that you are selecting the existing preferred address and are not overwriting any existing address details.

In the address mapping enter a default value for any required fields that you may have for addresses. By default only the address type is required but your instance of RE may have other mandatory fields.

For each field where you have mapped a dummy value, go into the settings and untick both tick boxes in the "Only Update Values For..." (both New Records and Existing Records). This will prevent any updating of the preferred address.

Once you have saved the mapping go into the address area settings by clicking on the settings toggle button as shown below:

Under the settings, select "Always update Preferred address". This will ensure that Importacular always selects the existing preferred address to work with.

Now you can link your phones and emails to your address in the safe knowledge that they will be added to the current preferred address without making any changes to the record.