There is no email address associated with this record or with this email mapping

There is no email address on the constituent record or there is no email address with the specified mapping. When looking at the constituent record you may see an email address with a type "Home Email" but if you have mapped the phone "Preferred Email" as the email address in your Chimpegration Classic mapping then you will get this error because Chimpegration Classic will only look for the specified mapping. In order to resolve this you either need to run the process again mapping the other phone type or you attempt to keep your email addresses consistent under one type.

The email address "Thomas.O'" is not valid

While the individual may have signed up with this email, MailChimp does not recognise it as valid. The presence of an apostrophe in the email address is not allowed. Normally the email address will work just fine without the apostrophe.

Multiple constituents exist in the query for the given email address and no constituent has been set as the primary email holder according to the default duplicate email rule (The primary email rule has not been defined)

An email address need not be unique in Raiser's Edge but it has to be in MailChimp. If you have two constituents in a query with the same email address and neither is set as the primary according to the duplication criteria (or no duplication criteria have been set up), then you will get this error. The reason is that you may have say, a husband and wife that share the same email address e.g. In Raiser's Edge both Tom and Wendy can have this email address. If they both appear in your export query and you also attempt to send over merge fields including their first names, which values should take priority - Tom or Wendy? Chimpegration Classichas an area in the settings that help you decide which constituent is the primary. You should configure these settings and then sure that anybody who has this error is assigned the primary appropriately. has unsubscribed, and cannot be resubscribed by you. To prevent false spam complaints, they'll need to resubscribe of their own free will.

If somebody has unsubscribed after previously receiving an email from you, MailChimp does not allow you to simply add them back on to the list. This means that if you are running an export and they appear in the query you are not allowed to add them to the MailChimp list unless they explicitly sign up again and verify their email address. If you go through the manage campaign process where you handle unsubscribes you should not get these coming into your query. However you do need to make sure that as part of your export query you exclude those that have previously unsubscribed. For example, if you mark your unsubscribes with a solicit code then you need to ensure that your query has a criteria that excludes people with that solicit code. has bounced, and cannot be resubscribed

This is similar to the scenario above. However in this case the email address has bounced and is no longer valid. It cannot be added back on to the list.