Install Audit Trail Classic as usual by first running the server configuration and then running the client components. Ensure that you select the Audit Trail Viewer as you will need to adjust the settings there for the trial to run.

Once you have installed the application, go to the viewer. (You will need to be logged in as a supervisor user as otherwise you will not see the options area within Audit Trail). You will be prompted to register, please enter your Zeidzone login credentials.

This will send an email to us so we can set up your two-week trial, we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm that your trial has started.

Before you start we recommend checking the below settings:

Open the Audit Trail viewer and click on the Z logo in the top right of the application.

The About box will appear. Select the advanced menu button.

Select Options for the areas you wish to track changes

The Check for time-trial activation box will already be selected, do not adjust this or your trial will not work.

Save the settings and close the about box.

Once you receive the confirmation email from us you should re-register the plug-in as above and then you are ready to go!