At times it is necessary to move The Raiser's Edge database to a new server. What normally happens is you would back up your database on the old server and restore it on the new server. However some consideration is required when Audit Trail is also installed.

We recommend that when you move servers that you run the Audit Server setup application again. If you are connecting to the existing database on the new server the server setup will ask you whether you want to simply use the existing settings. When prompted prompted to use them you should decline and instead enter new settings. 

The reason for this is two-fold. The setup will have found settings in the migrated database that will point to the old server. What is more the new server will not be setup for Audit Trail so the database user will not be part of the correct schema etc.

We recommend that when prompted to enter a username and password you select a different username than previously used on the old database. This will ensure that there is no clash of user names or rights to the new server.