Please note that this is currently incomplete but will be added to as we have figures.

This is a very difficult question to answer. The reason is that it depends on your hardware, your network connection, the size of your existing Raiser's Edge database, the breadth of the data you are importing (how many fields spread out over how many areas of RE) and possibly your bandwidth in connecting to MailChimp

There are several areas of Chimpegration that may take time.

1. Export

2. Campaign Management

3. Synchronisation

4. Remove Subscribers

What is more within the synchronisation process there are several steps that could be broken up.

a) Extraction and comparison of MailChimp data to Raiser's Edge data

b) Processing the data to add it to MailChimp or Raiser's Edge.

1. We did a simple test of adding 12,000 subscribers consisting of 3 merge fields; email, constituent id and an attribute to a new list on MailChimp. This process took 7 minutes to export.

2. TBA

3. TBA

4. TBA